Bridge SPOOL funds and open a pool on Arbitrum One [SIP - 1.27]

Summary :bookmark_tabs:

Open trading of SPOOL on a Layer 2 blockchain by creating a pool on Arbitrum One.

Proposal :mailbox:

Use 100k DAI of the Spool DAO treasury to buy SPOOL for 50k DAI off the open market, deploy a contract for SPOOL, bridge both funds to Arbitrum One, and create a SPOOL/ETH pool to open trading on a Layer 2 blockchain. Release an additional 6k DAI for the operations involved with this process.

Motivation :fire:

With the move of the Spool protocol to Arbitrum One, Spool DAO opened up the protocol features to the Arbitrum community. With this, the Arbitrum community got aware of the existence of Spool (at the latest) and we should make it as easy as possible for the newcomers to partake in our accelerating journey by buying and becoming a holder of SPOOL directly on Arbitrum One. Various things have to be taken into account for this move and the working team of Spool should facilitate this endeavor to increase the Spool ecosystem.

Vote :ballot_box:

With β€œYes” you vote to release, buy, and bridge funds, and create a SPOOL/ETH pool on Arbitrum One, and with β€œNo” you vote against these actions.

The vote takes place here

Timeline :clock130:


100% very yes from me Bob

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The vote ended with β€œyes” :eyes: