Sustaining Spool's DHW Operations [SIP - 1.52]

Summary :bookmark_tabs:

Authorize the release of 40k DAI from the Spool DAO treasury to cover the transaction costs associated with the DoHardWork (DHW) operations, deployment of new smart contracts and other on-chain transactions, like Smart Vault incentives.

Motivation :fire:

The DHW function is pivotal to the Spool protocol, incurring in gas fees with each execution. The aggregate cost of these fees necessitates a proactive budget to ensure the continuous and smooth operation of the protocol.

Proposal :mailbox:

The DHW is required to be executed on 24 to 48h basis in order to enable deposits, withdrawals, APY calculations and auto-compounding.

Given the variable nature of gas costs, we estimate that approximately 40k DAI will be necessary for the upcoming months, with a commitment to executing these transactions during periods of gas efficiency.

Vote Options :ballot_box:

By voting “Yes” you agree to allocate 40k DAI from the treasury to ensure the Spool Dev team can manage DHW operations effectively, with “No” you oppose the allocation, potentially impacting the protocol’s future functionality.

The vote takes place here

Timeline :clock130:

  • Voting Period: December 11, 2023 → December 18, 2023

The vote concluded with “Yes”.

Thanks to everyone who voted! :fire: