New Marketing Budget for One Year [SIP - 1.39]

Summary :bookmark_tabs:

The marketing department has worked out its cost projections for Q3 and Q4 2023 as well as Q1 and Q2 2024, they accumulate to a total of $763,400 for the next 12 months.

The currently left-over funds from the marketing budget requests last year of ~85k USDC and ~13k SPOOL will be deducted from the overall sum, bringing the funds that will leave the treasury for marketing purposes in the upcoming 12 months down to a maximum of ~485k USD and ~185k worth of USD in SPOOL.

Proposal :mailbox:

Broken down into more detail, the marketing department has estimated the following costs for the different campaign types and needs:

Paid Marketing ($120.000):

Budget dedicated for potential PPC and user generation campaigns either in a silo or together with our partners building on Spool. Depending on the results, this budget might be reallocated to lead-generation activities for institutional clients.

Organic Marketing ($74,000):

Allocation specifically dedicated to organic marketing through our agency as well as any tools required and SEO audits post-new website launch. Guerrilla refers to the budget allocated for activities together with our agency that is intended to reach or otherwise place Spool within communities where we do not have an official presence.

Public Relations ($205,000):

Our total allocated budget for PR activities - including our retained agency as well as any potential releases or sponsored placements we might need to do ad-hoc, outside of the proposed strategy.

Content Marketing ($35,000):

The allocated budget for producing and to a lower extent distributing all of the content required for maintaining the marketing effort within Spool. Such content can extend to industry reports, case studies, content for conferences and events, videos, graphics, and more.

Social Media ($26,400):

The budget allocated specifically all planned social media campaigns - mainly referring to CPM placements, but reallocation towards more specific things (i.e. sponsoring a specific social media announcement) is possible.

Partnerships ($190,000):

The total budget allocated for all of our partnerships with various other organizations, individuals, or communities that will represent Spool’s interests in return for rewards paid out in $SPOOL

Events ($36,000):

The budget allocated for our online and offline presence in various capacities at industry events and conferences - includes all required collateral production, printing, and logistics as well as any and all sponsorship opportunities for our yearly event calendar.

Incentives and Rewards ($30,000):

Community-focused allocation for all giveaways, competitions, and general community-focused activities such as quest boards and software meant to grow and engage the community.

Business Development ($24,000):

Budget dedicated to several quarterly initiatives as part of the Business Development arm with the purpose of increasing our active pipeline of institutional clients and blockchain projects building on Spool. Part of this budget might be redirected for grant purposes.

Other ($23,000):

Misc budget allocated for various admin and marketing-related activities such as branding materials, business cards, signage for use at conferences, travel arrangements, merchandise, and others.


All requested amounts should be understood as ‘maximal needed funds’ and the team always tries to minimize costs while maximizing outcomes. Staying within budget is one of the internal KPIs for the team.

The funds will be sent from the treasury on a quarterly basis or by the need to let the funds not stay idle but generate yield within a Spool Smart Vault as long and as efficiently as possible.

All former marketing campaign budget proposals and related fund permissions become irrelevant if this proposal gets accepted.

For a detailed list of all costs see here.

Motivation :fire:

Marketing is essential to the success of a project even more so in a time of low activity in the DeFi sector. So far Spool was very resourceful, especially, on the marketing front but now with the launch of V2, we want to make the world aware of Spool and the stellar services the protocol can provide. For this endeavor funds are needed.

To ensure that Spool will thrive in upcoming months and with changing market conditions it is crucial that the Spool protocol and its token get established as a relevant entity in the crypto community. After all, it is mass adoption and usage of the protocol that will be beneficial to DAO members in the long run.

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With “Yes” you vote in favor of releasing this budget from the treasury to keep on working and growing, with “No” you are against this marketing budget request.

The vote takes place here

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The vote concluded with “yes”.

Thanks to everyone who voted! :fire: