Migrating the Spool DAO Treasury to a new Spool SV [SIP - 1.33]

Summary :bookmark_tabs:

Withdraw the 10 million DAI from the current treasury Smart Vault and transfer 9.5 million to a new one with a different underlying strategy composition.

Proposal :mailbox:

For the past four months, the majority of treasury funds have been generating yield in its designated vault leveraging Aave, Compound, Convex (3pool), Harvest, Idle, and Yearn strategies. Recent uncertainties have increased the risk of certain protocols it is proposed to protect the treasury from unnecessary risk by moving it to a Smart Vault that is solely relying on primitive yield providers. The new SV will consist of the Aave, Compound, and Convex strategies with a risk tolerance of 5 according to the Spool Labs risk model. $500k will stay in the treasury to stay liquid enough for the upcoming months.

Motivation :fire:

The not yet needed DAO treasury funds shall continue farming yield within the Spool protocol but with potentially less risky underlying yield providers. With this vote Spool DAO decides to set up a new, unincentivized, low-risk Spool. The additional protection will ensure that the Spool team can continue its operations far into the future.

Vote :ballot_box:

With β€œYes” you vote to transfer the Spool Treasury into a more suitable Smart Vault, with β€œNo” you vote against this change.

The vote takes place here

Timeline :clock130:

Voting period: 2023-04-03T22:00:00Z→2023-04-07T22:00:00Z

The vote closed with β€œYes”. :fire:

Thanks to everyone who voted!