Increasing Governance Transparency

Summary :bookmark_tabs:

Provide greater clarity on internal governance structures and guidelines to the public, and establish some guidelines that apply across the entire DAO.

Proposal :mailbox:

The goal of transparent and public governance guidelines is to have a set of rules in place that do not slow down the DAO growth and development in decision processes too much but also allow the broader DAO to provide value-added input when it matters most.

Guidelines tagged with [new] are not in place yet or contain adjustments.

General Governance Guidelines

  • a) Currently, the process of starting new proposals is gated via the Spool governance forum and the respective rules to not convolute the DAO with unnecessary nonsense proposals, and to use the time of the responsible involved team members efficiently.
  • b) All proposals by the team should be brought to the attention of the Operations Lead. Together with the proposing team member(s), they’ll discuss the best way forward. The team member initiating the vote has the final say on the wording of the posted proposal.
  • c) Proposals that are clear in themselves can be brought directly into the Snapshot-SIP state to save time. If ample evidence suggests harm for Spool via an immediate SIP it can be still voted against.
  • d) According to the governance forum rules every vote is brought to Snapshot by an enabled team member.
  • e) SIPs that are not time-critical (e.g. fixing an exploit or protecting user funds) shall run for at least 5 [new] 7 days.
  • f) [new] All SIPs should start on a Monday.

Hiring Process

The detailed hiring process is outlined in the respective internal team documents.
In short and under perfect circumstances, it looks like this:

  1. A DAO member sees a need for new manpower and checks with leadership
  2. Requesting funds in the form of a proposal from the DAO and start sourcing new candidates via the DAO and other means
  3. Assessment of the candidates according to the position by the team
  4. The best offer accepted by the best candidate decided by the team becomes the new contributor
  5. Every new team member goes through a 90-day probation period, during which employment may be terminated on very short notice. They shall receive lower pay during this period.
  6. Addition for new lead candidates or new lead positions:
    • Probation period as “acting lead” starts at the mutually agreed date
    • Around 2 weeks before the probationary period ends, a proposal for appointing the candidate is submitted for discussion by the new candidate, followed by an AMA offering with the DAO, where they explain the details of their plans and answer questions
    • They will further provide a short strategy paper outlining their vision for their department
    • After this AMA, a vote for officially appointing this person to the leadership role is put on Snapshot

Further Job/Work/Hiring/HR-specific guidelines

  • g) New leadership proposals should contain information about the past career, achievements within/for Spool so far, further upcoming plans for Spool, and salary expectations.
  • h) [new] Any proposal for a new leadership job at the DAO shall be made by the person applying.
  • i) [new] Every new candidate who wants to join the leadership or change within, shall provide a written plan for the first 90 days at Spool against which s/he will be measured after the probationary period.
  • j) Concluding a probation period positively shall only happen after the majority of the leadership confirms that they are happy to keep on working with the new contributor in this position.
  • k) [new] For new leadership candidates, a written statement of the team that confirms j) and their experience within the probation period shall be provided along with the lead position proposal of the candidate in the gov forum.
  • l) For new non-leadership position proposals and the recruitment process the respective department lead is responsible.
  • m) If no new funds need to be released from the treasury (e.g. if one team member leaves, another one may join for a comparable position), then no new proposal is needed, and the department lead may handle the process in cooperation with the Ops/HR lead according to the internal hiring process steps.
  • n) [new] If the DAO votes to remove a person from an operational position, at least 1 but not more than 2 months’ notice shall be given from the conclusion of the Snapshot vote to ensure a smooth handover process as well as to ensure they have time to make arrangements around their termination. This notice period shall not be required if the reason found for the removal is gross misconduct by the individual in question.
  • o) [new] If an individual contributor wants to leave his/her position he/she shall give at least 1 month’s notice to the leadership, to allow for a smoother transition process.
  • p) [new] Funds needed for the transition period from a departing to a new team member are automatically included for every position.

The classification of the above is for structuring purposes only and does not entail any prioritization. The itemization letters can be used for easier referencing in discussions about a single guideline.

Motivation :fire:

Currently, the working team behind Spool adheres to internal policies when it comes to governance which are beyond the scope of the already publicly defined process for community proposals. In all past votes, the working contributors behind Spool respected and followed these guidelines to the best of their abilities.

Some discussions with the community brought to light that it makes sense to make these policies/guidelines more publicly visible. This way not only everyone is aware of them, but the DAO can collectively agree on them via an official proposal such as this one.

Additionally, it makes sense to adjust some of the policies for a better fit.

These guidelines should not be understood exclusively and they may change over time.

Vote Options :ballot_box:

With “Yes” you would vote to implement these old and new standards for the internal governance structure and general guidelines, with “No” you would vote against these measures.


The discussion around this proposal takes place here in Spool’s governance forum. A potentially updated version shall then be brought up for Snapshot voting one week later.

Timeline :clock130:

Submission period: 2023-10-08T22:00:00Z2023-10-15T22:00:00Z
Proposed voting period: 2023-10-15T22:00:00Z2023-10-22T22:00:00Z

Moved to SIP voting: Further Governance Guidelines [SIP - 1.45]