Funding for Further Exchange Listings [SIP - 1.55]

Summary :bookmark_tabs:

Request approval for the allocation of 600k DAI and 150k USD in SPOOL tokens from the treasury to enhance market liquidity and support Spool’s expansion into new marketplaces.

Motivation :fire:

Enhancing Spool’s market presence is vital for the protocol’s adoption and growth. By expanding into more marketplaces, we aim to deliver greater value to our community, improve the utility of the SPOOL token, and fortify our position in the market. This approach forms part of a broader strategy to enhance Spool’s appeal to a diverse range of users.

Proposal :mailbox:

We seek to allocate funds from the Spool DAO treasury, specifically 600k DAI and 150k USD in SPOOL tokens, to solidify our market liquidity and expand the listing of the SPOOL token across new platforms. This strategic effort is designed to yield significant market impact and deliver benefits to our community. The core team will ensure that the execution of this initiative aligns with our goals for sustainable growth and increased visibility of the Spool token.

Vote Options :ballot_box:

  • Yes: Approve the fund allocation for strategic expansion.
  • No: Oppose the fund allocation, which may delay Spool’s growth efforts.

The vote takes place here

Timeline :clock130:

  • Voting Period: January 8, 2024 → January 15, 2024