Funding for Arbitrum Launch Audit [SIP - 1.58]

Summary :bookmark_tabs:

Approve the allocation of 29,900 USDC for the audit of Spool’s Arbitrum launch code conducted by Hexens, covering approximately 1000 lines of code and four strategies.

Proposal :mailbox:

As we prepare for Spool’s expansion onto Arbitrum, we require a thorough audit of our codebase to ensure security and functionality. We propose to engage Hexens, a reputable code auditing firm, to perform this critical task. The audit will cover roughly 1000 lines of code, encompassing around four strategies essential for the launch.

Motivation :fire:

The integrity and security of our code are paramount, especially as we venture into new blockchain ecosystems like Arbitrum. This audit by Hexens is a proactive step to safeguard our platform, instill user confidence, and uphold Spool’s reputation for reliability. Hexens previously audited Spool’s strategies:

  • oETH LST

  • Convex frxETH-stETH

  • Gearbox USDC

  • Gearbox ETH

    Details :

  • Audit Firm: Hexens

  • Scope: Approximately 1000 lines of code, four strategies

  • Cost: 29,900 USDC

  • Commencement: Scheduled for April 22nd

Vote Options :ballot_box:

  • Yes: Authorize the release of funds for the code audit.
  • No: Do not authorize the funds, and propose alternative actions.

The vote takes place here

Timeline :clock130:

  • Voting Period: April 8, 2024 → April 15, 2024

I think having a top-tier audit firm to audit the additional Arbitrum code is the most important gate to pass before releasing on Arbitrum.

I strongly support the release of funds for auditng.

Thank you @jtwdisco ! Happy that we are aligned :wink: