Development Maintenance Budget [SIP-1.4]


As Spool V2 development is now heavily underway, it is important to ensure development and maintenance on v1 are not left short-staffed. This proposal is for a summarized monthly budget request and a one-time pay-off to stem the efforts.


This proposal is to ensure personnel will be dedicated to v1 Maintenance tasks in an on demand fashion from Solidant workforce (the appointed dev team for Spool DAO). This would involve pulling them from other paying clients’ work and prioritising Spool development.

Notes: This is for Maintenance. If features are requested, Maintenance would be reduced to make room for it as all devs are focussing all efforts on bringing v2 forward.

Monthly budget for these efforts: 35,000 DAI

Monthly Operational Budget

There are many third-party expenses that Spool is unable to pay directly as a DAO. Solidant offers to cover these expenses in fiat and invoice DAI from Spool DAO in return.

(These are at cost and are subject to change month to month on expansion, any large variation would need an additional vote )

  • Analytics Servers
  • Analytics Databases
  • NpmJS Subscriptions
  • Front-end deployments
  • Discourse forum hosting and database
  • Forked ETH node
  • QuickNode subscription
  • Infura Archive Node
  • Load balancer
  • Sentry Analytics and logging
  • Etc

Monthly budget for these efforts: 1,800 DAI

Education, Exploratory, and Networking

  • External V2 Tech Doc Writer
  • Travel Budget;

Travel to work with institutional partners on both an educational and technological basis.
For developer conferences including supporting BD at conferences as needed, meeting with other projects and protocols at conferences for Spool, exploring tech-related discussions with persons of interest, as well as all other Spool-related travel and discussions.

One-time budget for these efforts: 25.000 DAI


With “Yes” you vote in favor of maintaining v1, with “No” you are against the described maintenance by Solidant for v1 of Spool.

The vote takes place here


Submission: 20. September 2022

Approval Period: 20. September - 23. September 2022