Creation and funding of new Smart Vault on Arbitrum [SIP - 1.26]

Summary :bookmark_tabs:

Create the first Smart Vault on the Arbitrum version of the protocol and fund it with USDC from the treasury.

Proposal :mailbox:

Similar to Smart Vaults on the main net, the initial Vault will be set up leveraging all the initially available strategies on the Arbitrum network. It will use USDC as its underlying asset and will be set up as risk-neutral to risk-seeking. Afterward, it will be funded with $10.000 from the Spool DAO treasury.

Motivation :fire:

The expansion to the Arbitrum network is a big step for the Spool DAO and requires some initial groundwork to get it started. It is much easier to onboard new users on the Arbitrum network if there is already a Vault set up which shows the functionality, and that actually some TVR is locked in, as a missing TVR can be an alarm signal to many investors.

Vote :ballot_box:

With β€œYes” you vote to fund the first Smart Vault on the Arbitrum Network with 10k funds from the treasury, and with β€œNo” you vote against funding the Vault.

The vote takes place here

Timeline :clock12:


The vote closed with β€œYes”.