Clarify threshold for bonus emission eligible smart vaults [SIP - 1.8]


Clarify the minimum threshold for potential emission eligibility for smart vaults and set it to 0,002% of the current TVR.


In early communications around Spool, it was mentioned that there will be a minimum threshold for smart vaults that needs to be reached to be eligible for receiving potential SPOOL emissions via the Spool protocol. Otherwise, the emissions could be gamed for the self-enrichment of malicious players which would be harmful and not beneficial for the vision and goal of Spool DAO. So far it was not mentioned how this threshold will actually be manifested.

This proposal suggests setting the threshold at 0,002% of the global total value routed (TVR) through the Spool protocol. This threshold has to be reached in the specific smart vault that wants to be eligible for new emissions at the end of a voting epoch.

Disclaimer: If a smart vault should reach the threshold, it can be voted for this smart vault but if at the end of the voting epoch this smart vault is below the threshold it is still not eligible. Potential votes will be lost.


With “yes” you vote in favor of setting this minimum threshold to 0,002% of TVR, with “no” you are against this threshold.

The vote takes place here


Submission: 23. September 2022

Approval Period: 23. September - 26. September 2022