Budget for the next team in-person meetup [SIP - 1.40]

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Unlock up to $ 70k USD from the Spool DAO treasury to enable a meetup of the Spool DAO working team.

Proposal :mailbox:

By nature, Spool DAO is distributed around the globe. We do not have any offices, no expenses for home office equipment or anything of that kind. This allows the DAO to stay lean and agile. It comes with the downside that many team members never meet each other face to face.

To encourage bonding, build trust between team members, and allow everyone to get a better feeling for each other, Spool DAO is currently planning the second-ever in-person meetup.

After a lot of discussions, comparisons, and assessments of a total of 26 different locations across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia (cost/quality of accommodation, flights, co-working etc.), Taipei, Taiwan has emerged as the most affordable destination that also provides a good backdrop for an intense series of workshops.

The team would be spending a total of 5 nights there. Over the course of multiple workshops, we will assess past performance, discuss the V2 roadmap, open new channels for knowledge management across departments, and make plans to implement them as efficiently as possible.

The costs for this together should stay below 70,000 USD.

Any unused funds will be returned to the treasury.

Motivation :fire:

The global orientation and decentralized nature of Spool DAO provide many advantages as well as challenges. Collaboration on a daily basis is occurring via video calls and text messages but everyone who worked in a team knows that in-person gatherings are crucial for team spirit, culture, and a well-functioning team. As much as we love to work remotely, there are certain aspects of work that require in-person meetings.

The last meetup in Thailand about a year ago has shown that organized planning can lead to a realignment of the whole operation and lays the groundwork for months of future development within the DAO, ensuring constant innovation of the current product in the right direction.

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With β€œYes” you vote to unlock $ 70k for the meetup of the Working Spoolers Team with β€œNo” you vote against.

The vote takes place here

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The vote concluded with β€œyes”.

Thanks to everyone who voted! :fire: