Add additional wallet to Spool DAO multi-signature wallet [SIP -1.5]


Add a wallet from the dev team to the “spoolOwner” multi-signature wallet of Spool DAO to enable more efficient processes.


As a DAO, Spool runs multi multiple-signature wallets to secure internal fund flows and construct an efficient working environment to serve Spool DAOs vision.

To make the current setup more efficient, this proposal asks to include one wallet from Solidant (the appointed dev team of Spool DAO) into the “spoolOwner” multisig of Spool DAO. This would make this multisig into a 10 out of 17 signatures wallet - meaning, 10 out of 17 have to sign a transaction before it can be executed.


With “Yes” you vote in favor of adding one wallet from Solidant to the Owner Multisig of Spool DAO and making the process more efficient, with “No” you are against it.

The vote takes place here


Submission: 20. September 2022

Approval Period: 20. September - 22. September 2022