Proposal How-To

Submit your ideas here in the proposals (sub-)category for improving Spool DAO in any way. Whether it’s a new smart vault, new yield strategies, or tinkering with governance, all proposals are welcomed here.

When creating a new post make sure you

  1. Checked within our discord community in the temperature check channel that this is an appropriate proposal (otherwise it gets deleted)
  2. Write a concise title with no number. Mods will add the number once snapshot voting starts.
  3. Add understandable aka non-tech aka eli-5 summary for tech proposals.
  4. Add an abstract: what will be done if the SIP is implemented (keep it below 200 words).
  5. Write a longer motivation with links and references if necessary.
  6. Add specifications if necessary.
  7. Formulate clear for and against positions.
  8. State a submission period (min three days).
  9. State a proposed voting period (min five days).
  10. Don’t rush with asking to put a proposal on snapshot, keep the discussion going for at least 3 days.
  11. When a proposal is put on snapshot for voting by admins it will appear in the SIP category.
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