Operational Budget [SIP-1.2]


To operate in an efficient and effective manner, Spool DAO needs e.g. software to collaborate better and many things more to make the organization a well-oiled machine. Therefore, the Operational Budget Proposal of Spool DAO will include the following items. Payments generally happen in USDC or DAI where possible.
All requested amounts should be understood as ‘maximal needed funds’ and the team always tries to minimize costs while maximizing outcome.


Team Software: 7k (per year)
Growing teams need good software to collaborate with. From the current standpoint, this should not exceed 7k within the upcoming 12 months.

Accounting Software: 6k (per year)
To have proper accounting, professional software has to be used not only for internal purposes but to collaborate with external accountants, banks, and government agencies as well. Additionally, new accounting software specifically for DAOs is emerging that may make sense for Spool DAO too which is currently being explored.

Team Training: up to 15k (per year)
No one is perfect, and to learn and grow every team member will receive tailored training, courses, and things alike for the specific needs to grow personally.

Travel Expenses: 40k (one-time)
Not only BD and Marketing team members have to travel and attend e.g. hackathons or meet up in person for crunch time work. The travel costs for the rest of the team for the upcoming months are summarized here and are used for meaningful travels only. 15k are already pre-funded by team members for such travels in the past and will be paid back.

Banking Services: 25k (per year)
Even though Spool is a crypto project in the form of a DAO, it needs a traditional Bank accounting to interact with other businesses. As these banking accounts interact with crypto, they have higher hurdles, compliance checks, and overall costs.

Legal Fees: 40k (one-time)
For the whole setup of creating the legal framework Spool DAO is living in, accountants need to get paid.

Legal annually: 10k (per year)
There are constantly arising issues around legal matters and crypto. To act swiftly and stay on top, Spool DAO is in working contact with good lawyers that give advice and work out necessary steps.

Fireblocks Lizenz Fee: 42k (per year)
This budget item is for paying the annual fee of the Fireblocks Plattform. Many potential Spool creators and users are using Fireblocks’ platform, and to be potentially integrated this is a necessity.

Pre-funded Dev Ops costs: 13k (one-time)
The appointed development team Solidant was kind enough to pre-fund operational costs for the development of Spool so far and the DAO shall pay them back their costs.

Diverse Operational Costs: up to 3k (monthly)
In a growing DAO costs arise here and there and do not fit into one specific budget basket. With this threshold, necessary monthly payments can be made without having a single vote for every little 50 or 100 DAI e.g. for a template bought.

Industry DeFi Council

The DAO members who are around in Spools Discord and/or following the announcements do know that the team is building up a thought-leadership group called the Industry DeFi Council (IDC). This is becoming a high-quality group of mixed people from the TradFi and DeFi spaces. To bring this group to life, the following funds are needed.

First in-person Event: up to 15k (one-time)
The first in-person event of the IDC will be set in London. For the whole preparation and execution, various things are needed.

IDC Website and legal work: up to 20k (one-time)
To show the online world that the IDC exists and what it does, a proper website is needed. Many of the IDC members are coming from a traditional background with high positions, and clear rules and legal terms and conditions have to be facilitated with the help of lawyers.

All funds within Spool DAO are running through internal accounting processes.

Like all other expenses, fund flows are transparent and visible as long as they are on-chain.


With “Yes” you vote in favor of releasing this budget from the treasury to keep on working and grow, with “No” you are against this operational budget request.

The vote takes place here


Submission: 20. September 2022

Approval Period: 20. September - 23. September 2022