Open a Liquidity Pool at Curve and incentivize it [SIP - 1.38]

Summary :bookmark_tabs:

Add liquidity to a new SPOOL-ETH LP to the Curve protocol and incentivize CRV token holders by bribing them with SPOOL tokens.

Proposal :mailbox:

Use $25k worth of SPOOL plus $25k worth of ETH (swapped from DAI) from the treasury, and extend the availability of SPOOL by creating a SPOOL-ETH-LP on Curve.
Furthermore, unlock 5000 SPOOL Tokens from the treasury to allow for the discretionary bribing of tokens to ensure competitive bribes can be granted to CRV token holders for the SPOOL/ETH pool.

Motivation :fire:

Curve is one of the most relevant and utilized AMMs on the market (especially, when it comes to stablecoins) and has increased importance due to the ongoing bribing process between Curve and Convex. To engage in the bribing mechanics a liquidity pool on Curve needs to be created and then incentivized. Adding SPOOL into this โ€œDefi-Warโ€ could turn out to be beneficial as sufficient bribing can ensure additional yield to Spool and its underlying protocols.

Vote :ballot_box:

With โ€œYesโ€ you vote to release funds from the treasury to create a pool on Curve Finance and unlock 5k SPOOL, with โ€œNoโ€ you vote against these measures.

The vote takes place here

Timeline :clock130:


The vote concluded with โ€œyesโ€.

Thanks to everyone who voted! :fire: