Notional Finance Strategy implementation amendment - SIP 1.12


Change SIP 1.10 from “lending” strategy to “provide liquidity” at Notional Finance.


In the current version, Spool protocol does not work with maturity options as all funds in Spools Smart contracts need to able to get withdrawn at any time. In that sense SIP 1.10 states wrongly that the “lending” option of Notional Finance protocol will be used.

Therefore, with this vote the SIP 1.10 about the implementation of Notional Finance Strategy protocol shall be amended to:

Notional Finance
The Notional Finance Strategy provides [$CURRENCY] to the DeFi protocol of Notional Finance for increasing the respective liquidity pool. Therefore, yield is received in form of interest, fees and NOTE incentives. NOTE is the Notional Finance governance token. For more info on Notional Finance visit their website (

[$CURRENCY] stands for the chosen currency of the respective Spool (USDC and DAI are possible).

The technical implementation of the strategy will be audited.


With “Yes” you vote to amend SIP 1.10 and implement the above outlines Notional Finance Strategy into Spool instead, with “No” you vote against including a Notional Finance strategy.

The vote takes place here


Submission: 6. October 2022

Approval Period: 6. October - 9. October 2022