New Emissions Proposal [SIP - 1.6]


Set the total bonus emission rewards for smart vaults to 250,000 SPOOL per month for the next three months.


During the launch of Spool 3M tokens were administered to bootstrapping TVR. These tokens were distributed over the course of the past six months. After this extended launch phase, the bonus emissions for all eligible smart vaults shall be set to 250,000 SPOOL per month by this proposal.
This decreased inflation would be half of the bonus emissions compared to previous months, showing an end of the very high bonus launch period, making every single SPOOL token out there a bit more valuable, and potentially decreasing token sell pressure.


With “Yes” you agree with bonus emissions are set to 250k SPOOL per month, with “No” you are against this and no bonus emissions will be given out to smart vaults.

The vote takes place here


Submission: 23. September 2022

Approval Period: 23. September - 25. September 2022