List SPOOL on Deepwaters Exchange [SIP - 1.31]

Summary :bookmark_tabs:

List the SPOOL token on the Deepwaters exchange.

Proposal :mailbox:

Offer the SPOOL token on the Deepwaters exchange for effective zero reserved assets other than initial liquidity, which will be $20.000.

Motivation :fire:

Expanding to new exchanges is often a good idea as the latest expansion to Camelot has shown. New users get interested in the protocol and more people use the Spool Smart Vaults. Furthermore, the DAO receives a 10% kickback from all trading fees generated on the Deepwater exchange as part of the deal.

Vote :ballot_box:

With β€œYes” you vote to list the SPOOL token on the Deepwaters exchange, with β€œNo” you vote against listing the token.

The vote takes place here

Timeline :clock130:


Looks good!

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The vote closed with β€œYes”. :fire:

Thanks to everyone who voted!