Funding Approval for Hiring a Product Lead

Summary :bookmark_tabs:

Release funds from the Spool Treasury to hire a Product Lead for the V2 Build and Roll-Out.

Motivation :fire:

To ensure the successful roll-out of Spool’s V2, it is paramount to have a dedicated Product Lead who can seamlessly integrate the technological direction with Spool’s objectives. This role requires not only technological expertise but also significant commercial awareness and the ability to lead cross-functional teams.

Proposal :mailbox:

Hiring of a Product Lead with the following details:

  • Position: Product Lead with a focus on Decentralised Finance
  • Location: European Time Zone
  • Start Date: September 25th
  • Base Salary: USDC 130,000 yearly
  • Bonus: Up to 68,965 SPOOL tokens, paid out quarterly based on KPIs. These tokens will vest over a 12-month period
  • Probation: 50% salary during the probation period

Role Responsibilities:

  1. Set strategic technological direction, ensuring alignment with Spool’s business goals.
  2. Take ownership of the V2 build and roll-out.
  3. Maintain communication with various internal teams.
  4. Ensure efficient use of development resources.
  5. Stay updated with Decentralised Finance trends and guide Spool’s technology strategy.

Role Requirements:

  1. Relevant Bachelor’s/Master’s degree.
  2. Experience as a CPO or similar role with a focus on Decentralised Finance.
  3. Knowledge of blockchain technologies and the regulatory landscape.
  4. Exceptional project management and communication skills.
  5. Strong business acumen.
  6. Familiarity with Agile development methodologies.

Product Lead’s 90-Day Plan:
By the end of 2023, the product lead will aim to achieve the following:

  1. Set up as the key point of contact for development backlog requests and feedback.
  2. Implement a structured, transparent, and predictable product development process.
  3. Establish quarterly and bi-weekly road mapping based on key business value drivers.
  4. Focus the engineering team’s work around value-adding product increments.
  5. Equip the engineering team with quality user story requirements.
  6. Successfully launch V2 and onboard the first clients and launch partners.
  7. Implement key V2 business KPIs and reporting mechanisms.
  8. Ensure business understands the value of investments into technical stability and security.
  9. Establish clear information flow processes for backlog planning, product demos, and release plans.
  10. Support business development with tech demos and timely grooming.
  11. Resolve conflicts effectively in the best interest of the DAO.
  12. Set up an ongoing improvement process through feedback mechanisms.
  13. Consistently share roadmap updates and product performance reports with DAO members and the community.
  14. Develop a plan for a smooth Product & Engineering transition that’s approved by Spool’s core team.
  15. Kick-off a culture of ongoing end-user research, feedback collection, and user interviews.

Vote Options :ballot_box:

With “Yes” you would vote to release the necessary funds from the Spool Treasury for hiring a Product Lead under the described terms. With “No” you would vote against this funding allocation.

Discussion :handshake:

The discussion around this proposal can be held in Spool’s governance forum. Feedback from the community will be taken into account before finalizing the proposal.

Timeline :clock130:

Submission period: October 30, 2023 → November 6, 2023
Proposed voting period: November 6, 2023 → November 13, 2023

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