Enhanced Incentivization: Unlocking Spool Tokens for Additional Emissions

Summary :bookmark_tabs:

Unlock 46,666 Spool tokens from the treasury for additional emissions, enhancing incentives for vault creators and depositors.

Motivation :fire:

To bolster adoption and engagement within the Spool ecosystem, it is essential to offer compelling incentives to our community. By releasing additional Spool tokens for emissions, we can significantly enhance rewards for vault creators and depositors. This strategic move is an extraordinary action aimed at driving growth, enhancing protocol utility, and securing a competitive advantage for the V2 launch.

Proposal :mailbox:

Release an additional 46,666 Spool tokens from the treasury to be used for enhanced emissions. These tokens will be distributed on top of our regular emissions, directly targeting and benefiting vault creators and depositors.

Implementation Details:

  • Allocation: The additional tokens will be specifically directed towards vault incentives.
  • Distribution Mechanism: The emissions will be distributed in a manner that aligns with the protocol’s current incentive structure, ensuring fairness and efficiency.
  • Objective: The primary goal is to stimulate protocol usage, drive adoption, and enhance value creation within the Spool ecosystem as an exceptional initiative for the V2 launch.

Impact Analysis

  • Increased Participation: Encouraging more users to create and deposit in vaults, leading to greater protocol engagement.
  • Enhanced Liquidity: Potentially increased TVL in Spool vaults, strengthening the ecosystem.
  • Community Growth: Attracting new users and retaining existing ones through more attractive incentives.

Vote Options :ballot_box:

By voting “Yes” you agree to approve the unlocking of 46,666 Spool tokens for additional emissions, enhancing incentives for vault creators and depositors. By voting “No” you disagree with unlocking additional Spool tokens for emissions.

Discussion :handshake:

Community members are encouraged to share their thoughts and feedback on this proposal in Spool’s governance forum. All perspectives are valuable and will be considered before moving forward.

Timeline :clock130:

  • Submission Period: November 27, 2023 → December 4, 2023
  • Voting Period: December 4, 2023 → December 11, 2023


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