Assign COO for Spool DAO [SIP - 1.9]


Assign Axel Prettl as the Chief Operating Officer for Spool DAO.


Since 30. April 2022 Axel worked as interim COO for Spool DAO. During this time he set up the organizational and operational base of Spool DAO, including:

  • The multisig wallet structure
  • General operational software environment setup
  • The transition from Spool preDAO to full Spool DAO including the governance forum launch
  • Business strategy plan setup and execution
  • Overseeing the interoperability between the different working departments
  • Heading all accounting activities and payments within Spoll DAO
  • Heading the efforts of building up the IDC.


Assign Axel Prettl as the Chief Operating Officer

Monthly Compensation: 7,000 DAI + 3,000 SPOOL tokens as a bonus (tokens subject to satisfaction of leadership team, paid out at contract end).

Areas of Responsibility:

In general, the COO will be responsible for a streamlined and efficient organizational structure and processes within Spool DAO. This includes:

  • Build and manage the operational strategy and structure of Spool DAO
  • Oversee voting processes and execution
  • Manage and maintain relationships with founding contributors aka preDAO members
  • Coordination and oversight of the interoperability between the departments of Spool DAO
  • Establish policies that promote company culture and vision
  • Act as a bridge between the executive team and other working Spoolers
  • Oversee the accounting of Spool DAO
  • Be available for AMAs and interviews as needed by the Marketing team
  • Be available to attend (international) events flexibly to represent Spool in person

Contract length: 12 months, starting retroactively from Sept 1st 2022.


With “Yes” you vote for hiring Axel Prettl as COO of Spool DAO, with “No” you are against this hire.

The vote takes place here


Submission: 23. September 2022

Approval Period: 23. September - 26. September 2022