Adjustment of Staking Emissions [SIP - 1.22]

Summary :bookmark_tabs:

Reduce the staking emissions for SPOOL and voSPOOL to 150,000 and 500,000 SPOOL a month respectively, until another vote changes this metric again. Starting at the beginning of January next year.

Proposal :mailbox:

Spool is currently emitting 200,000 SPOOL a month to SPOOL stakers and 800,000 SPOOL to voSPOOL stakers. After seeing this model being used since inception, the emissions for stakers shall be set to 150,000 and 500,000 SPOOL per month by this proposal.
This decreased inflation would be 75% / 62.5% of the emissions compared to previous months.

Motivation :fire:

SPOOL emissions are given to SPOOL stakers to incentivize long term commitment to the DAO and reward loyal participants. In light of recent market developments with an overall decline of activity, we recommend reducing emissions and therefore reduce the market impact of aforementioned emissions.

Vote :ballot_box:

With β€œYes” you agree that staking rewards are set to 150k and 500k SPOOL per month for SPOOL and voSPOOL, with β€œNo” you are against this and rewards should stay at the current level.

The vote takes place here

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