Adjust TVR threshold for Bonus Emissions - SIP [1.15]


Minimum TVR threshold for potential emission eligibility for Smart Vaults to be met not only at the end of the voting epoch but also at the beginning.


In SIP 1.8 the needed TVR threshold was clarified and set to 0,002% of the current TVR. This threshold must be reached when the voting epoch ends. But this meant that every Smart Vault would enter the voting epoch even if no funds are in.

As more and more Smart Vaults are being created it becomes clear that this is an inefficient way for the upcoming future and, therefore, this requirement should be adjusted.

This proposal suggests setting the same threshold of 0,002% of the TVR at the beginning of the voting epoch for a Smart Vault that wants to be eligible for potential bonus emission as well.

Disclaimer: If a Smart Vault should reach the threshold, it can be voted for this Smart Vault but if at the end of the voting epoch the funds in this Smart Vault are below the threshold it is still not eligible. Potential votes will be lost.


With “yes” you vote in favor of setting this minimum threshold to 0,002% of TVR also at the beginning of the voting epoch, with “no” you are against this requirement.

The vote takes place here


Submission: 04. November 2022

Approval Period: 04. November 2022 - 11. November 2022