Additional funds for Spool V2 Front-End Development [SIP - 1.32]

Summary :bookmark_tabs:

With Spool Version 2 development underway there is an increase in Front-End workload that exceeds the outlined scope of work for the Spool development team that was detailed in the two previously confirmed snapshot proposals.

Proposal :mailbox:

We propose additional one-time funding of $50.0000 to temporarily increase the capacity of the Spool Front-End development team for the duration of the increased workload. The additional funding will fully be used to hire additional Front-End developers and/or contractors who will focus solely on the development of Spool V2 Front-End.

Motivation :fire:

Without the increased capacity of the Spool Front-End development team and the currently planned increased Front-End workload on Spool V2 there will be delays in delivery or there will have to be an adjustment in the currently planned Spool V2 Front-End Development schedule.

This proposal is to ensure that an adequate number of personnel will be dedicated to Spool V2 Front-End Development in an on-demand fashion from Solidant workforce (the appointed dev team). As this increase in Front-End workload is not permanent, we propose a one-time payment instead of a monthly retainer.

Vote :ballot_box:

With β€œYes” you vote in favor of temporarily increasing the capacity of Spool V2 Front-End development with $50k, with β€œNo” you vote against the increased speed of work on Spool V2 Front-End development.

The vote takes place here

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The vote closed with β€œYes”. :fire:

Thanks to everyone who voted!