13k DAI unlock for manual testing [SIP - 1.18]


Release 13k DAI for manual testing of the Spool protocol.


In order to ensure the best customer experience the team has to make sure that they are able to test everything after deployment. In every good software development process, manual testing is included. Many of the steps are already implemented. Nonetheless, especially as many third-party tools and underlying strategies are implemented, it makes sense to include another layer of checks.

In order to test everything during and after development, funds are needed and a team member shall use 10k worth of DAI to use Spools services as a ‘normal user’ while depositing and withdrawing once per week into different strategies. To facilitate this, 3k worth of DAI shall be given to him for gas costs for the upcoming months. He shall use these funds wisely and aim for low tx prices.

The used address will be made public in the Spool docs for everyone to check. Generated yield will be paid back to Spool DAO at some point in time and/or used for further tx cost payments.


With “Yes” you vote to release 13k DAI from the treasury for manual testing of the Spool protocol offerings, with “No” you vote against these efforts.

The vote takes place here


Submission Date: 17. November 2022

Snapshot Voting Period: 17. November 2022 - 22. November 2022